Death Of A Battery

Vintage Words


I had energy and sparked,

provided lightening to engine

and air conditioner parts. Power

windows ran on my acidic juices.

My best friend forever

was a catalytic converter.


Less fond of motion now,

I repeat my tasks daily

pushing my key keeper past 

contented miles. Here, every

thing works because I am alive

Take me away and death

by battery happens.


I am the heart of the matter

but it is more out of boredom

than exhaustion that I give up

my chemical ghost. And since

recharge is more expensive

than replacement and rebuilding

less reliable than brand new,

I go to the battery graveyard

content to have served my

gas provider well.







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The Death Of A Battery

Very nicely put together Like it a lot . MilMan

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Thanks 4 Stoppin' By

Your visit is sooooo welcome. Thank you for reading my poem. Hope u got a charge out it. :D ~Stella Means Star~


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