I took the time to write this

As an apology to you

The things I have said today

I did not mean, they were not true.

I said them cause I was angry

I just dont know what to do

I'm trying to understand

And I'm hoping you will too.

You know exactly how I feel

And you know I have been hurt

I'm so afraid to lose you now

But I know you want to be with her.

So I guess the only love I'll find

Is the love between my thoughts and paper

For as many times I try to care

I can not find a reason to hate her.

I want to see you happy

And you will be with her

But you think I can just move on

This, I'm not so sure.

My hands are starting to tremble

As I lie here by your side

I will turn out the light

Because these tears, I need to hide.

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hi dear friend.. your this poem and other you added today are impressive and hope you will keep writing... by the way, I am also poet of 6 books and poems are added in this site... hope you go through and comment on them to add to my new book ... afzal shauq .. afzalshauq@yahoo.com