Is this thing called love

A fragile thing


Just a feeling we feel inside?

Can it be overlooked?


Could it be mistaken for

Something not as real?

Is it

The thrive that makes you stronger

The median  that makes you weak?

Can it

Make you a better person?

Destroy you deep inside?

I am

Followed by this distinction

Maintained by its morality

Am I

Bought by this confusion?

Bound to fall with all the rest?

Could it be

True that this is my weakest point?

That I find my strength within you?

Is it

You that makes me smile?

Possible to love someone as much as I do?

Are you

The one I think about every moment?

my weakness?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I want you to know... that no matter how many times you look past what was there... i will always love you.

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Jason Daffron's picture

hey ashleigh! i really like how this one flows. it reads so well. it provokes so many questions. after i read it i had to sit here a minute and ask myself the same questions lol. and after i thought about it i decided that Love, in my experiences, is the only thing in this world that can do anything. literally. the best way i can describe what i'm saying is to compare Love to immortality. when you feel Love, and i mean REAL Love, it feels like nothing else matters and everything is going to be just fine. Love can make you feeler higher than any drug, but it can also make you feel like your heart has been ripped out of your chest and, just for torture, you have to sit there and watch it beat while it's laying on the ground. haha, Love is such a powerful thing; and that is definately an understatement =) good job on this though! i really like it. ~Jason