Work's a cunt, we know it,
it's something to detest,
despite our souls objections,
we get up and get dressed,

it pays the rent, (or mortgage,
in half happy peoples case),
so with vegimite an' toast,
it's something that we face,

It aint that bad,
the dumb bitch on the till is still half drunk,
walkin' like a new calf,
and smellin' like a skunk,

the kitchen cunt, an arab bloke,
out rolls his muslim mat,
prayin for forgiveness,
(and not to burn the fat),

all is cool and quiet,
everyone's a task,
the idiots from last shift ,
left more than we could ask,

'cause even though we bitch an' moan,
even though we're slack,
we'd rather fix a fuck up,
than fuck up and give back,

so now the day is done,
the shift we can adjourn,
we count the day as won,
and tomorrow we return.

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