Personally I have never learnt to drive; I always found the cost well beyond my means: let alone be able to purchase a car.

The topic of transport means to me, what type of bus services are running locally and whether they are prompt?

Locally here in Kenfig Hill, we are approximately half way between Porthcawl and Bridgend and therefore the bus service is quite frequent and runs to Porthcawl and Bridgend every fifteen minutes.

Transportation costs are more in Wales, than in the neighbourghing country England, but in England they have a far larger population, of bus users.

Also in Wales I think the services in bus travel, has only quite recently improved for the disabled user. However, I feel not enough has been done to improve the services for the disabled in Wales. Especially if you consider the audio/visual services the English have intergrated on their bus services, for their disabled consumers.

I think we in Wales have people amongst us with good ideas to intergrate into our social development and planning and future progress. When ideas are discussed, they should be listened to and encouraged. These ideas need prioratizing and developing in Wales. Instead of these people and their ideas, being ignored at the best. Whilst too much pride is taken in Wales "in how backward Wales has to be in comparison to England".

It is also my opinion that with road and railway services centralized for the Welsh consumer in Wales: it will open the country of Wales to the Welsh in Wales: and our like, similar and or contrasting Welsh experiences of ten very different regional counties, in Wales.

The present day bus service is modern and efficient compared to some old models, still in use. However, to progress there is room for a lot of improvement, especially concerning consumer friendly and disabled compatible - here in Wales. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I hope we see further improvements in our services here in Wales. Well David this is my interpretation of Transportation. My sister I have not seen in over forty years is returning to Wales, I have a plan to fit in her suitcase and go back to Oz with her.

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If Oz doesn't work out, don't let the bastards grind you down (sorry, I've forgotten the latin, but it does sounds far more inspiring;-)

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Beavis's advice regarding Transportation

Thank you for your advice and concern Beavis, point taken. My sister actually lives in Oz;  the only other relative we had go there were one of the Tallpuddle Martyrs - banned in England for forming Unions to improve health and saftey in mining: and so was transported to OZ - his name was Loveless (Surname). He and other transportees raised a letter of complaint and sent it to the Queen of England, she heard of their common sense measures, in a bid not leave their wives and children to fend for themselves, in the event they should meet death at the mines. The Queen of England pardoned them and said they were to be returned to England: These Tallpuddle Martyr's still found it impossible to gain backing for better health and safety at the mines; so soon after their return they emigrated to Canada with their wives and children. Aaah!! a happy ending. 

Long live Independance party for Wales - Plaid Cymru -Viva Cymru or in Welsh, Cymru am bydd.

Hope I did not bore you with all this. Loved your comments to my poetry and prose. Thanks for your interest in my poem.