Places of Interest In My Community:



My community of Kenfig Hill, is one of six villages; all closely linked,

In the immediate area where I live there is a large Comprehensive school and College; which is open to the general populace to be able to attend evening courses in various topics. There are also various dance and keepfit clubs held at Kenfig Hill Comprehensive at the week-ends.

The H.R.H. The Prince of Wales  is their patron.

Nearby is also the Splice Family and Child Center; which I think operates as a mediator between parents and children that are experiencing difficulties.

The Kenfig Hill village main throughfare is scattered with a variety of small shops: the largest retail outlet being Spar retail outlet; that trades from 8a.m. to 10p.m. which is very convenient. I think it is owned by Posh - Victoria Beckham.

In Kenfig Hill there are a decreasing number of Public Houses; the nearest pub in my vacinity is the Walnut Tree Pub: that advertises Sky t.v. and a good game of pool for 50 pence and various local entertainers.

There are community centers that have an interesting number of clubs being held on their premises.

What concerns me is all the local development taking place  and amongst the other villages too. This is because new development is being constructed on local green zones e.g. community parks, as well as the countryside around.

The local parks in particular could be re-invented for use by a wider range of members of the public i.e. re-developed and maintained as environmental and liesure facilities; such as on O.A.P. landscaped public gardens, a sensory park for disabled children,an adult free park (with adult excersising equipment and also importantly a sprint and long distnce track); a dog excersising park with excersise equipment and dog litter bins in. I think these ideas would be usefull for now and the future, to preserve our green areas and build for other sectors of the communities population, rather than just build recreational facilities for the twelve to eighteen year olds: who have a predispostion for breaking up under twelve year old parks and other public areas of life and facilities.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Must save the green spaces.