By Way Of An Apology.




Do I have writers block?

Lost in a sea of thought!

Which idea to bring to dock.

So many subjects; but which I ought?


For many weeks now I have painted:

Enthralled by technique and result.

Then I remembered and almost fainted!!

I had neglected to write and had come to a halt.


Fellow poets and writers forgive my neglect.

I ponder still: and write this as an apology.

The seeds of thought process I must protect.

Until they are nutured; like my prodigy.


When my ideas and sensations have bloomed.

I shall write and the poetry will flow.

I will not think of my words as doomed.

But as a flowering bouquet full of life's glow.




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Pause for thought or lost for words, which I ponder?

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My pleasure..A very pleasant

My pleasure..A very pleasant read.


As for me, I only write when I take a notion to, which isn't very often compared to others. When I do decide to write a handful of verses it'll usually take me several days to finish. All I can say is -- my loyal fans will just have to sit around wringing their hands in anticipation until I write my next piece. (snicker) Smile

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By Way of An Apology:



I am pleased you took time to read my Apology, and also to comment on the poem. It does not matter how long we are in creating a piece of work called a poem, it's completion is always a good feeling. Write and read on cevance, thanks once again.

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I could write endlessly - which causes burnout - so I pause and apologize too. Prose and poetry are not all that different actually. Concisely put this is and loved the first verse that made me smile - be well - Lady A



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    Thanks for reading my



Thanks for reading my poetry and your kind remarks, much appreciated.