Fig Delight




Enveloped, golden brown pastry.

Golden to taste and devour.

At first the golden smooth crunch.

Firmly biting the melting sugary goodness.

The melting crumbling pastry:

Giving way to brown syrupy filling.


Browned sweetened centre;

Soft, sticky filling, sumptious joy.

Gorged on the honyed puree:

Exploding taste of smooth refinement.

A delightfull, disintergrating mass;

Mouthfulls of syrupy fruit.

Author's Notes/Comments: 


My favourite biscuits.

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Lovely simplified poetry

Lovely simplified poetry of highest order Respected a.griffiths57 ... fit for a sample to be discussed in "creative poetry writing " class



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Fig Delight



Thank you bishu for your encouraging remarks. Much appreciated.

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because of its ease of read,

because of its ease of read, it felt like a comercial, and for me, this would be an insult, but lately i've been into this ordeal of subverting the whole commercial world and making it my own, e.g. in a sort of mockery (or culture jamming). I like the redundant feeling of this one, and that for this particular subject it works for me. 

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Fig Delight



Glad my poem worked for you, your comments appreciated.

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Only a true poet can possibly

Only a true poet can possibly describe the subtle task of consuming biscuits with such eloquence. It is probably the first time poetry made my mouth water. Well written. 

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Fig Delight:



Thank you for your kind comments Saachi, much appreciated.