Winter Solstice


A fallen tree branch glistening with icy snow particles;

Appears in the glimmering moonlight.

Ruby red berries most apparant against the raised, dark bark,

And the rustle of dried holly leaves.

The still moonlit evening only stirring as the icy breeze spread the sleepy snow in drifts.

Here and there revealing shapes on the ground; branches, rocks and occasional greenary.

The clear full moon lit up the sky and woodlnd scene like a spotlight.

Amongst the spread of snow evident and various tracks could be discerned.

A wonderful Winter scene of the Solstice.

by Anita Griffiths

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Winter Fal

"...snow evident and various tracks could be discerned..." I kept reading over and over - the aminals passed through but are gone now - the holly was wonderful! From Michigan under snow, the holly was buried for a while :D



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Winter Solctice

The Moon was so high because of the Solictice every where was highlighted, even tracks on the snow. it was almost like daylight. So a person could see even bird tracks etc., Have not read the Dandilion poetry you recommended yet but will do so allets.