Web - Haiku



Web of decite.

Hurtful lies that mislead.

Intruging web to weave.



By Anita Griffiths

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Web Ethics

Ethics monitoring of the web is a big job bordering on censorship. In the wrong hands, whole groups could be discriminated against. Penalties are costly, fines another bureaucracy. A tough one.  slc



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Thank you allets for stopping

Thank you allets for stopping to read and leave a comment also so glad you liked my poem - it's interesting to see what different people contrive to make of a web of deceit.




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Much as I dislike spiders,

Much as I dislike spiders, one has to admit that, at least, they spin their webs without deceit; and some with great beauty.


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Deceit Haiku


Cold deceits embraced

drifting on precocious winds

of enformed ages.


Love a good Haiku - allets -

Where did you go? Miss U - slc

03-27-19 @ 122p