I remember falling  out of the taxi!

No! I did not drink anything!

I was about to start art classes.when I fell "Nasty"

Agreed all: to gain artist insight would be fascinating.

Slowly, silently and smoothly, I cut a swaith through the air.

Time to take care, too late, here I go smashing through the air!

As my name implies: so "gracefully" did I sail through the air.

Ow! Oh my head leaves for other dimensions.

I land face first and down, somberly expaining my accident

Och!; what wailing and shrieking of mine, could be heard.

The ambulance alarm was good competition to my predicament.

Must gather myself together; but sleep here is good,what a nerd?

Well we have completed all the tests.

You have a broken nose, black eyes, suspected fractured skull:

Also a broken wrist and very badly sprained wrists.

Observation is important, I can see myself falling, flaying at the air, which is all very dull.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My feelings regarding a recenr accident i had. Did not know i could hurt in so many places. Now i can't even do some art work hence boredum.

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bishu's picture

Sorry Respected Madam

Get well soon... wish you a quick recovery



KindredSpirit's picture

Very sad to hear

About your accident.

It is difficult enough

Without extra pain.

Rest with pp.

And get well


a.griffiths57's picture


Will do thanks for reading my poem your time is appreciated.




Diamond_Wills_New_War's picture

I like your train of thought

I like your train of thought and the change of perspective in the last stanza. Hope you make a quick recovery, and I know it sounds cliché but you're alive and it could of always been worse. Pain is just a reminder that you're alive. Best wishes.

Long days and pleasant nights


a.griffiths57's picture


There's nothing more effective than playing down the situation; to gain attention and sympathy, and incase it's all too too much, pile and piles of droll conversation will finish them all off. They will sobbing in their handkerchiefs. Thanks appreciate your time.




a.griffiths57's picture


Glad you like my poem, your words are encouraging. Your interest in my poetry is much appreciated. I aim to be back on my feet as soon as possible.




allets's picture

"Did I fall or was I pushed..."

Ouch. But I feel that way too about some tumbles. Sorry to hear that you took a spill. Heal soon and be well again to become art and to become the writing. ~a~



a.griffiths57's picture




I will do Lady A. thank you for sympathy an d kind remarks. Thanks.