His tan to my pale

Our eyes were the first to meet 

Laughter drew us together 

Our perceptions and biases kept us apart 

Our lips still ache in passing 

We still hope our dreams unite us at night

Too caught up in rhetoric 

To see it never mattered who was right 

You say red i say blue 

I say false you say true 

It wasn't ever a real thing 

That kept it from being real,

It was that we place upon perception 

A Value far too great 

Through the eyes of countless strangers 

Telling us to hate 

Isn't it funny? 

All we want is love

But not if social media does not subscribe 

So we lament and wasted our chance

Because it wasn't our time 

The haters said so 



Author's Notes/Comments: 

never place importance on the masses just do your thing and you'll kick asses on the way to your dreams. Let nothing get in the way of love! 

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