Window on Society

Still Life

Still Life

Beetle scribbles wet cement,
cluster-fuck of squirrels,
Galileo's statue hides in shade
emo-chick plays soft guitar,
as the day unfurls,
Tuesday morning sidewalk serenade

crone clings hard to shopping cart,
bus-stop wino cries,
spider weaves a web of sticky strings
far-off wail of ambulance,
elicits no surprise,
from silent actors lurking in the wings

mimes in drag usurp control,
from the passersby,
as they prance defiantly about
a sign proclaiming 'Work for Food',
captures someones' eye,
but also causes detrimental doubt

this is yuppie wonderland,
miraculous yet stale,
waiting for a Saviour to arrive
cocaine dreams postpone its death,
yet make its players pale,
as they struggle vainly to survive

C. Lon R. Bruso

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