6 of our children have now died from vaping!

We wonder how this can be true…

so quickly as a country…we know what we must do…


We don’t care about the reason.

We don’t want to listen to the excuse.

We begin almost immediately…

to ban e-cigarette use.


When lawn darts first hit the market

families thought this toy was great

until so many children got hurt…

they were banned in ’88.


We ban cribs when they aren’t safe

as well as car seats too.

when something can hurt our children…

that’s just what we do!


Our country acts so quickly!

Our decisions are quite brisk…

when we see our children hurting

when our children are at risk!


Yes, we are quick to ban a danger

that may send our children to heaven…

except, of course, if that danger


is an AK 47.

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