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In San Antonio and not Catalonia

leaked fishkilling slaughterhouse ammonia

Into rivers near abbatoirs

flow urine, fecal mud, oil and blood



The Atkins Foundation which promotes the Atkins diet has taken to the airwaves to advertise pizza.  The Foundation has had a corrupt relationship with Duke University and with Smithfield, the world's  biggest butcher of pigs.

Dr Robert C Atkins died in 2003  weighing 258 pounds, from a cerebral stroke which caused him to hit his head on the sidewalk. He had first had his heart condition reported at the age of 67. He took with little attribution many of his ideas from Irwin Stillman MD , and from Adelle Davis, who died of bone cancer. She was an advocate of organ meats,  the consumption of which Dick Gregory has described as akin to eating the filter out of car.  All three: Atkins, Stillman and Davis died several years sooner than the average life expectancy in the US. All three had a corrupt relationship with the American meat industry.


Atkins' diet  which primarily includes animal and fish flesh protein along with animal fat, causes kidney damage from ketosis..  Carnivores have 5 times human kidney size per pound. There have been many fatalities from the Atkins diet. Acidification which in turn causes internal bleeding from stomach ulcers, Many kinds of cancer  are caused by high animal protein diets. Intestinal cancer occurs from the lack of natural fiber. Carcinogens in the diet include malonaldehyde, methylcholanthrene, the female hormones given animals so that they will gain water weight, the multiplied insecticide concentrations  in animal flesh. A one thousand pound cow has eaten an average 21,000 pounds of food in her abbreviated life. Nonbiodegradable insecticides stay in the flesh. Deaths from food poisoning, cerebral strokes, heart attacks, Alzheimers occur.  The homocysteine in meat which forms amyloid plaque in the brain arteries is, even NIH degrees, the chief cause of the senility known as Alzheimer's.  Heart surgeons report having to cut through layers of white animal fat to do heart surgery. The conservative American Medical Association condemned the Atkins diet.  It is interesting that the Inuit of Alaska, Greenland etc.whose diet is primarily animal protein have the world's
lowest life expectancy, if one discounts war, deaths from poverty, accident. The Atkins, Stillman and other animal protein diets create a condition of acidification of the body, which is the fertile ground for the development of many diseases.

Those who try the high animal protein diet find that they lose perhaps twenty pounds and then can lose no more.  They are stuck on the top of a plateau with high sides all around.

The vegan and fruitarian diets have the best success with weight loss. Dr Mervyn Hardinge before leaving Harvard (Dr Stanley Prusiner, discoverer of mad cow prions as well left Harvard because of its investment in the meat industry and its unwillingness to give priority to his prion research) put vegans, dairy vegetarians, and nonvegetarians on an isocaloric diet. Each group ate the same number of calories daily. At the end of the ninety days, the nonvegetarians weighed 23 pounds more than the vegans and 12 pounds more than the dairy vegetarians. While there were no fruitarians in the study, Hardinge reported that fruitarians he found weighed less than the other three groups. Hardinge's research was reported in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association.


Besides causing millions of deaths or sicknesses to human beings, the Atkins diet causes animal agony, deforestation, global heating, energy waste.

The picture is of 67 year old John Robbins, founder of Earthsave and author of Diet For A New America  and other books. He is a Baskin Robbins heir who promotes vegan diet everywhere.

http://pcrm.org over 1500 vegan physicians and thousands of other health professionals with no commercial ax to grind




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Thousands of fish are killed as ammonia gas leaks from San Antonio slaughterhouse+++


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