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I have occasionally consumed vodka throughout the years. I have never been a connoisseur and usually have used it in mixed drinks. Occasionally, I have been inspired to drink shots of vodka or try a better brand recommended by more fanatical vodka drinkers.

 On my recent trip to Prague, I discovered an exciting new twist to vodka. When I was browsing through liquor stores, I noticed a drink called Cannabis Vodka. I noticed that the drink had seeds sitting at the bottom of the bottle. I already made a pact with the devil by consuming several brands of absinthe so vodka with cannabis seeds seemed like the next logical step.

 I wanted to try it while I was in Prague so I bought a little one shot bottle. Of course, this did not give me a very good means to judge the drink. I drank it at the apartment after a long day of Czech beer and absinthe. Surprisingly, I have little recollection of the taste from that experience. I was left with the notion that I needed to bring some home with me.

 This led to some ambivalence. I wasn't sure what the customs regulations were regarding this drink. I knew that sterilized seeds are actually legal in the U.S. but was unsure about bringing home a bottle. I wish I had a funny tale about German customs agents at the Munich airport checking out the bottle and being unsure what to do but nothing funny really happened. Any liquor in my luggage slipped through German and U.S. customs without a glitch.

 Once the bottle was safely in my home, I decided that it had to be saved for a birthday party in July. As I told people about this wondrous elixir, I realized that I might need a second bottle. You can order Cannabis Vodka through a distributor located in Albany, NY but it is far more costly than purchasing the same size bottle in a Czech liquor store.

Ordering a bottle through the distributor was also amusing. When the package arrived in the mail, I noticed that the container listed the product as therapeutic oil. Hmmmm, I guess in a manner of speaking. . .

It killed me to wait and wait until the party to be able to try the Cannabis Vodka in a more appropriate setting. It was well worth the wait. I poured out several shots for curious friends. A couple lucky individuals even got a stray seed in their shot glass. The vodka is clear but the seeds cause a bit of discoloration. The drink itself is very pure. The shot had a grainy nose. It did not smell that dissimilar to other vodkas.

The taste was something akin to mescal. It had a nice little bite to it. The vodka is only 80 proof so it is not a particular strong spirit. It made for an interesting change of pace. Most of the people who tried the vodka liked it. It is not some earth shattering drink but it was interesting. It's also good to know the versatility of a liquor like vodka. I guess it's not just for breakfast anymore.

This is something that I would recommend to the adventurous drinker were they to be in Prague and looking for something different. It is a tasty little treat and probably not as harmful as the absinthe I was consuming. This is not the greatest drink in the world. It's also not a spectacularly well made vodka but it does make for a good change of pace. It's also a good conversation piece when you have a bottle sitting out on a coffee table. Many people do double takes when they see the cannabis leaf on the label and often don't believe it is what it is. Definitely for those who like the absurd and unusual.


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an older piece but amusing given some of the legal changes on cannabis in the past 2 decades