vietnam war

M 16

M 16;  semi automatic. Hostiles closing in all around us in the thick jungles of Nam. Reinforcements far away. Choppers no where to be seen. My blood brothers dying all around me. it doesn't look good.

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Summer of Love

In her conscious '67 colors storm her head,
She's speeding down the highway of route 96,
Headed for July,
In this druggy bliss,
The men keep marching in red.

The crowd chants," HEY JOE!
There you go,
Raging on your WAR."

The parents chant,
"Bringing on those tie-dyed flowers,
and Beats galore."

She's Back to reality,
Swaying to the melody,
Swirling more than a thousand suns.

The children chants,
"Bring your daises,
and put down your guns."

The general says," Joe if you don't get shot,
you better RUN!"

Back to reality she keeps swaying her hips,
to the Beats of the night.

Here comes "Agent Orange",
prepare for the flight!

Back to reality,
She keeps the spirits alive,
by dancing away the pain.

As countless men,and women,
Lose their lives,
During the reign.

This is the Summer of Love

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is sort of a freestyle. It's about this mysterious lady who uses dancing as a symbol of releasing emotions during the war. The poem takes place during the time of the Vietnam War and Summer of Love (1967). I try to incorporate the spirit of the era in this free verse poem as I like to call it. Hope you like it.

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