When will it be my turn

              When will it be my turn?

All my life I've fought to be happy but it's still not within me

When I was young I lost a part of me anyone would agree

Gone with out a trace like those children who never return

Its sad to know but so very true so when will it be my turn

It didn't end there you see when I was wed to that monster

And with his anger came so much pain I wanted to be stronger

But I was not and endured his wild fiery fists oh did they burn

They burned like a fire that rages on oh when will it be my turn

Perhaps it never will and this misery will go on and never cease

Maybe I'm not meant to have everlasting happiness or peace

Perhaps I'm not meant to be happy but maybe i will learn

 and then someday I will know that its finally my turn






Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was depressed when I write this one 

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