The seeds of friendship are fragile…

They can be sown wherever we go

but they need to be cared for tenderly

if friendship is ever to grow…


I recently reconnected with friends I hadn’t seen since high school.

A wonderful group of women…lovely women, mothers and wives…

Who have known each other and remained good friends

for their entire lives….


As I watched these 6 old friends…

whose affections flow so effortlessly

I couldn’t help thinking how their seeds of friendship

have blossomed beautifully.


How, since their seeds were scattered,

through all their good fortunes and tragedies.

through all their joys and sorrows…

they've been cared for tenderly…


And how those seeds have blossomed

making their smiles a little wider…

their laughs  a little louder

and their world a little brighter.


And I thought how lucky these women are…

and how lucky I am to know

6 women who sit in the shade of a friendship


they planted long ago.

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