I’ve never read a magic book…never studied…never crammed

I am in no way a magician although…I like to think I am.


When our children and grandchildren were young…they thought I was too

as I was able to surprise them with the few simple tricks I knew.


I could steal their nose, make a pencil turn to rubber, make a quarter disappear

and as they were watching my every move…find that quarter in their ear.


My repertoire was basic…but on my every move they hung….

to them I was a magician…at least while they were young.


But children and grandchildren grow up…and it wasn’t long before

the magic tricks I fooled them with when they were young…didn’t fool them any more.


But the funny thing about this even though my magic’s no longer there

when we all get together…there’s still magic in the air…


There is magic in the way we talk and laugh…and there is always a surprise…

a little magic in our touch…a little magic on our eyes.


So even though I’ve never read a magic book…never studied…never crammed

and technically I’m not a magician…I still like to think I am.


Because a magician doesn’t have to perform tricks….

doesn’t have to pull a coin out of thin air….

a magician only has to have the knack…

of finding magic everywhere.

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