Most mornings when I walk I am fortunate to be graced

by the same rabbit…at the same time…in exactly the same place.


It’s difficult to read a rabbits feelings…they’re so quiet and reserved.

Like most creatures they don’t readily show affection…

unless affection is deserved.


When I first began to notice him…he didn’t have much to say

In fact every time he saw me coming…he’d quickly hop away.


Of course I know rabbits are silent…they do not vocalize

but rabbits have this funny way…of talking with their eyes.


So over time we’ve built a tentative trust…

for now when he sees me coming his way

he stops 

he rises up

and he looks at me…

before he hops away.


And though I’m not sure of our exact relationship…

I do have a feeling we are friends

because at the same time most every morning

he’s waiting as I round the bend.


It is a simple yet fulfilling friendship…for a human and a hare.

He seems happy when he sees me…and I’m glad to see him there.


And I know the days I don’t see him…

When he’s not there to play our little game

I am disappointed…and I wonder…

does my rabbit feel the same?


This is the extent of our friendship…

but what a wonderful way to start the day…

even if we only share a moment…

then go our separate ways.

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