our neighbors recently had a baby boy and near as I can tell…not only will he affect his parents…but also the house in which they dwell.


The first change I noticed…(again, I presume, the first of many more)…

there is a light on in the bedroom when I walk…earlier than Ive ever seen a light before.


I imagine the baby is waking up in the middle of the night…because that’s what baby’s do…which means Mommy and Daddy and the house has been awakened too.


And I began to wonder as I saw that light…with all that will come to be…if the house is ready for all the changes…all the transformations he will see.


Is he ready for the different noises he will hear throughout the years?  Is he ready for the joys…the laughter…is he ready for the tears?


Is he ready for all the sleepless nights…is he ready for all the stress?  Is he ready for crayon marks upon his walls…is he ready for the mess? 


Is he ready for all the times the color of that room will change or the different posters that will be tacked upon his door?  

Is he ready for all the times a worried parent will pace back and forth across his floor?


Is he ready when the boy is young to watch him sleeping like a lamb or for when he grows a little older…all the times his door will slam?


Will he be ready, after years adjusting, about the time he’s prepared for his boy to stay…that his boy will also be ready…and prepared to move away?


And when his boy comes back to visit…will he stand up proud…put his best face on…feeling joy at his return…knowing he will miss him when he’s gone?


“I hope you’re ready, house.” I whispered as I saw the light shining through his window frame…You’re about to take wild ride…and your life will never be the same.”


Then glancing back at our house…where long ago a similar adventure began…

“It will all be over much too quickly.’ I said…”so enjoy it while you can”.



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