teen love


You held me captive in your arms,

Put me in peace within your essence,

Align me close to your heart with your perfection,

I see roses falling down your face,

My heart fainted before such beauty,


What a beautiful name,

Like the beauty you posseses within your heart,

You drunk me slowly killing me with the framework of your beauty,


You're a queen above queens,

"Tu eres mi Reina"

Your love is greater to persue me when i'm lost,

In temptations of your eyes you give me hope to recover,

For you are my rose,



©22 July 2017 - South Africa

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My sister's poems

I wake up, I want to call;

I feel addicted, I miss you;

We are going to the movies;

Maybe that's why I can't sleep.


First time was three, now it's five;

Three hours till you call, what to do;

I just want to pick the phone up and call, but i know you're asleep;

I think I am falling, but i know you will catch me;

So I trust you with my heart.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was originally written by my older sister but she left it with me to do whatever I wanted. I took a liberty of posting some of her poems to get opinions.

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