If you walk as the sun is rising over the mountains on paths surrounded by the trees…you’re constantly surprised by nature's ever-changing beauty and her host of lively imageries.


With an acapella harmony emanating from every tree around…

you begin to notice the sunlight…how it dances to the ground.


You see the tremble of anticipation in the trees…the flowers…each and every one…as they eagerly await their turn to be caressed by the sun. 


But the sun is in no hurry…it’s as if each morning…she reverts to her childhood…as if this is her first time shining and she must feel her way through the woods.


If you’re lucky…if you’re in the right spot at the right time…you just might get the chance…to see the sun throw a spotlight on some flowers…and watch those flowers dance.


You must look quickly, however, because at the beginning of each day…the sun shines her spotlight only for a moment before she continues on her way.


You pause amidst that moment and realize how lucky you have been…for you may never get the chance to see that same spotlight shine again.


And you feel blessed you were a witness…

glad at the right time you happened to glance…

the moment the sun illuminated those flowers…

the moment those flowers danced.