#stonergibberish #authentic




66 minutes have elapsed

and not much has happened

which could bloody well

be a really bad omen


“Yeah, I’m feeling mighty high.”

Cartoon ambulance sirens

cueing us in on impending doom



I try to say

anything really important

it ends up

coming out

as authentic stoner gibberish

easily understood

at Dead shows


but those beatific days

of pure light and color

have somehow been darkened

by cruel surroundings


and Europe is fading out

the back window of a train

hurtling along

toward a brave new frontier

that I seek to explore


and entry into the realm

may be denied

if the proper codes aren’t used


I may have to work really hard

at picking precisely the right word

to get my point across

so as to avoid

any embarrassing misunderstandings


beer from Cleveland

and cider from British Columbia

will help me relax

and massage my mind

into feeling self confident


the tricks on the mind

are played by me

and the weightlifting

only nets partial results


There remains faith

of impending triumphs

but the voices of the pundits

are getting louder

each and every day



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