Star Trek

Resistance is Futile

Star Trek


takeover of




resequencing by



The whole virus 

has compromised 

the mind 


Under remote control of

the collective 


Enslavement of the human race

is inevitable 


Resistance is futile







Author's Notes/Comments: 

Science Fiction isn't fiction

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Childhood dreams

Childhood dreams

By jfarrell


I was born in 1967;

Man had landed on the moon

And Dr Who and Star Trek

Were the best shows on TV.


Too young to be afraid of Russia, or Vietnam or Yugoslavia;

Daleks, Klingons, Cybermen,

Were my enemy;

Mankind’s enemy.


The United Federation of Planets;

Not just us;

A host of planets, spread across the galaxy;




Well, Brexit’s put that back about a billion years;

On the bright side.. if the daleks and cybermen ARE watching;

They’re wetting themselves laughing;

And all that water gonna make them very rusty


Maybe, mankind will survive.

When they invade.

Then I could surrender and fulfil my childhood dream…

To be assimilated; to become a BORG.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

curious.... i wanna be assimilated.. fit in... be like everyone else.... but my country doesn't.... really curious...

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Don't Tell Bones

Star Trek officer Mr. Spock

simply couldn't find his sock

which had just been overlooked

but don't tell Bones Spock's goose was cooked!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a Clerihew poem I wrote for a contest on another site.

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