When you walk in silence in the morning...

you hear the wind whisper to the trees...

as the syncopation of the crickets

floats upon the breeze.


Soon the nightingale, the blackbird, 

the owl...and the chickadee

begin to sing, as if rehearsed...

their morning melody.


Flowers hear the singing

and, to me at least, it seems

the music wakes them gently

from wherever flowers dream.


Perhaps that’s why throughout the year

and primarily in Spring...

if you listen to them closely

you can hear the flowers sing.

Walk with me

All and nothing

Furrowed grasses,

glistening greenly,

Bidding birds,

keek-ing keenly,

Loosening leaves,

ruffle lightly, Listen.



Dusty shoes,

slowly strolling,

Puffy winds,

wisping warmly,

Sunshine smiles,

brightly beaming, Look.


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What is it about springtime

that makes everything smell so sweet…

that makes you smile a little more often…

that makes all hearts skip a beat?


When the winter chill begins to thaw

why do birds begin to sing?

Could it be they know water from the melted snow

will feed the daffodils of Spring?


Spring entices you too leave your house

to see what surprises she has brought.

You become a knight or a maiden on a quest…

in search of Camelot.


I wonder if the greatest love songs, 

performed before queen or king…

the most eloquent of love poems 

had their origin in Spring?


Why do older people move to Florida?

Could it be they understand what the seasons bring?

What better way to enter the winter of life

than in a place of eternal Spring?


A place where hope and love are never-ending

where joy and happiness take wing…

where beauty arrives on the cusp of a breeze

to paint her impressions of the Spring.


Yes, I love the hues of Autumn and Winter, 

and Summer has a certain flair…

but hearts beat faster and smiles are more abundant


when Spring is in the air.

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