shit words can turn to gold



Fuck me hard, suck me right,
When I moan, my selfish pleasure,
Swallow it all, when I shoot my load, in your hungry mouth,
Yes I can be so vulgar too…
Does it really matter?
What words I used, to express my despair,
I mean my pleasure,
My own liberty,
My own private Idaho,
Shooting it all!
I wish I could think of more,
Obscenities and vices,
Piss on my face, golden showers,
To bless you with my faith,
As empty as those words are!
Suicide, kamikaze!
Push me in the hollow emptiness,
Of such logic obscene,
I am pure pornography,
I am so empty,
Why don’t you come to my rescue?
Before I drowned into this hole,
Where you pump out all my hopes,
Breaks my dreams,
To rape my childhood,
My innocence!



Author's Notes/Comments: 

ok, i would speak like this in bed that a pretty confidence!

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