Deep In The Forest

Deep in the forest.


A coat of snow.


An outline of sun,


Peeping through branches.


Zero temperature.


Static stillness.


A wooden hut,


Surrounded by snow.




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Sailstarred, Sandsifting, Seaweed Scripted Sea



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Sailstarred, shellshored, streamswelled
sandsifting, seaweedscripted sibilant Sea
secedes silently, softly

Shadowed shallows sheathing scallops,
sheltering seals, shielding scuttling snails,
shrouding sharks. Sands shifting secrete starfish,
scampering shrimp.

Serene Sea supports Spanish scows, Sicilian
skiffs, Senegalese schooners, Seychelles ships,
Sardinian sculls.


Saltsmelling sailors see soaring shrieking
seagulls, striped sunrise, shining sunset,
shshshing surf.


Sudden surprising storm’s symphonic sounds
slap shore shacks. Snows slip seaward, spring-subdued.
Soon sloop slides spiral sleep stairway.

 -saiom shriver-

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41 International, National, State And Local Priorities

Law Bows To Love


Each has his or her own list of priorities. Here is one such
1. Feed vegan food to tens of millions who are hungry Provide them shelter clothing
2. Jobs for tens of millions (expand FDR's CCC.. it employed 3 million over 9 years)
3. Children back to school
4. Climate change  End animal agriculture which is a major cause of climate change,
   which besides causing animal agony causes human disease, drives up health care
   costs, takes over 600 gallons of water to produce 1 murder burger, takes 81 times more kilowatt hours in production than fruit, pollutes the water through manure, urine, blood. (This same manure could be made into paper.)
a. Trees planting of trillions b. develop alternatives to tree paper (banana peels coconut shells leaves etc)     and the use of trees in building
c. Dietary change
5. Vegan diet promotion... an end to subsidies for animal agriculture vegan only food stamps
6. Abolition of the death penalty... an AG with an abolition history
7. End to militarism  Withdraw from Afghanistan and Iraq. End the stationing of troops
    in Europe and many other countries.
8. End to racism
9 Infrastructure China has just laid 18,000 more miles of high speed rail a new CCC could lay track,
   plant billions of needed trees, work infrastructure construction
10 Clean water Clean air 3000 communities in US have high lead in water.. from lead pipes
11 Animal rights: an end to vivisection, factory farming, trapping, hunting and fishing deregulation
12 All nonviolent marijuana prisoner release
13 Legalization of marijuana
14 Universal health care..
a. Break up big pharma
b. Bring down hospital pricegouging
c. End CDC and NIH overrides of legislative bodies
15 Universal college education
16 Research and development
17 Universal broad band computer access for all
18 Municipal library support
19 End deficit (multiplied by 6.5 trillion or more by previous administration) ..
20 Covid conspiracy investigation... transparency
21 End voter suppression, gerrymandering by GOP state legislatures
22 End state privatized prisons
23 Expand electric cars solar panels and end to fracking etc
24 Women's rights, minority rights
25 Labor minimum wage hike Ending corporate unionbusting etc.
26 Abolish the electoral college
27 Cyber security and an end to corporate violation of individuals' privacy
28. Nuclear power plants are dangerous.. radiation leaks, boric acid leaks etc.  They contribute to global heating.
29. Fox years ago violated FCC rules as it gobbled up 39% of the airwaves. It is time
that all corporate media, social media,  search engine, phone, cable, pharmaceutical, vaccine and other corporate monopolies be broken up.
30, Abolish the Federal Researve which gives big banks the power to print money
    for themselves.
31. End the advertising of meat, fish, eggs, dairy, alcohol over the airwaves. The US has more food ads on tv than any other nation. Obesity kills people early and drives up health care costs.
32. Limit the number of ads per hour on publicly owned radio and tv airwaves which
are licensed at pennies on the dollar to billionaires who make additional billions by pricegouging the people, the airwaves owners.
33. Close down the torture prison known as Guantanamo.
34. Recognize Palestine's country status.  End the confinement of Palestinians in virtual
    concentration camps.
35. End the life tenure of supreme court justices.
36. There is a Republican majority on the Supreme Court because of the unconstitutional
  shutdown of the 2000 presidential election,  GOP gerrymandering and vote suppression.
  Replace the Trump appointments on the Supreme Court with Green and Libertarian
  justices. Trump hired Nathan Sproul whose operatives conducted phony voter
  registration drives and threw away all nonRepublican registrations.
37. End the classification of money as free speech.
38. End intelligence agency assassinations.
39. The sovereignty of individuals must be respected... the right to refuse toxic 'vaccines' which contain animal ingredients, cause death and serious injury at a rate of 2.6%
40. The World Health Organization's budget is half funded by big pharma which corrupts it.
41  The UN Security Council reflects the victors in WW2 which ended in 1945.
The 5 permanent members are the only ones with veto power and include France and UK with 60 million each,
Russia, China and the US.  India with 1.4 billion, Nigeria with 200 million etc are excluded. It is time to end permanent seats. 4 of the 5 are predominantly white.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

   man who became a vegetarian on pot. He said his perception was slowed down,
   and he suddenly realized that in eating a chicken leg he was gnawing on the leg of
   a chicken.

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