an ode to my mum and my sister


Hard wired is my mum

For the life she has chosen

Servitude, cooks and cleans

But at her age definitely

Should lead a more graceful life

Instead of wallowing in strife


She gets up every morning

Early, dad’s breakfast sorting

Then she cooks and cleans

From dawn to dusk: INSANITY


Boiling the good out of food

Not caring put inside of u

Any wonder my dads failing

Stodgy food hinders plain sailing


She’s 85 years of age

Should be winding down with grace

Used to think i was mad

Not having her life, truly glad


Shes created every part of her

Going the same wqay my sister

Too late to change for mum

Not for my sis, please hun


My sis please do the right thing

Put an end to all suffering

U don’t have to believe me

Ask anyone spiritually


Tuned with life, divine, gaia too

All designed to help you

But it’s your choice choose

Spirituality, win or loose

And a garbage life of servitude

Which doesn’t become you

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