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Bloody Mary

Mother Mary,

your goddess,




Your idol,

your whore,

your virgin,


Mother of anti-christ,

your babylonian



Bloody Mary,

mother of 



Blood Mary,

mother of the false


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The inquistion began,

the purge of heretics,


Strapped down, many

had their arms pulled out

of their sockets


A purge of false believers

and blasphemers in the name

of "god"


Into the maiden naked women

were put and pieced by the spikes


Witches, Gypsys, jews, protestants,

any who defied the catholic church


Burned at the stake for all to see,

an inquisition against apostates


An endless crusade, a perpetual

genocide in the name of "god"







False Idols

Their false cathedrals

towered to the sky


Their idols littered their



Their prayers were vain

in excess 


As they chant to their



An abhorrant tumor



Chanting to their idols,

deriding the truth


Confusing their flocks,

leading them to the slaughter


A well of souls,

burning forever,


Blindly falling into the abyss

seeking forgiveness in their lies


Betrayed by their dedication 

into the flame


To their idols,

which crumble into ashes. 



Black Pope

Church of 

Anti Christ





Your Congregation

defiles our children


and leads them

into hell


Church of 

Anti Christ


Roman Catholic Trash,

you will be judged by God



Pope 666


Anti Christ

Whore of Babylon trash!!!!

An Ex Alter Boy's Quick Witted Letter to the Catholic Church

Dear father,

Oh father

If that be your 'name' 

'Your kingdom come'

'Thy SHALL be done'

But you are the one to blame


You are the cause of all this infamous fame


The cause of all this burning pain


You tarnished my bible

Twisted my friends

Cursed my children

But that isn't the end


Countless others felt your wrath

And travelled down this sinful path


You ruined innocence


You pleaded and begged

With the 'head' of the 'steeple'


You lied through your teeth

Claimed to be 'good for the people'


Then the 'man'

With the toothy mouthed smile

Clouded their heads

Got to stay for a while


Ruined more lives

Caused more pain

Begged for forgiveness


The routine was the same


The church covered up

Because you were so 'good'

'The best they have had in years'

If only they understood


You lied and lied

Like a good convict always should




Oh father,

Don't deny the facts

You've made me so dark

There is no going back


Father, I must do this

I hope you truly forgive

For there is no escaping 

What you did


When you open this

You will see all of your lies


Your pathetic life

Flash before your very eyes


You probably won't be alive long enough

To finish this letter


But maybe that will be

For the better


Father oh father

For I have sinned

Father forgive me

I have no will to live


Father oh father

Have a nice time in hell,


TRULY yours,

'Shh, Don't Tell'


Author's Notes/Comments: 


It has been quite a while.

It is currently 11:30 P.M. and I have school in the morning.

I couldn't sleep so I thought, 'what the heck! I'm gonna post a poem that I wrote today in math class!'

Although I say that all of my poetry is things that have happened to me, I am OBVIOUSLY not an alter boy, so maybe try to find a deeper meaning.

I think I am going to TRY to sleep now.

Thank you SO much for reading everyone! Your reads and support mean the absolute world to me.

Comment if you liked or maybe would change a few things. I am oh so open to suggestion. 

I have to give this site so much credit for my sudden blossoming in poetry.

I came here looking for a place to vent.

It is so much more now.

Thank you, EVERYONE. 

Thank you for absolutely everything.

As always, Enjoy.




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