An Ode to Sailors

Leave behind thoughts of those missed and make way for future ports of call. Tendering while being satisfied with one's commission, breath, and brio. Many a shipmate is sufficiently contented with this. The lady goes forth with unfurled sail and mirrored masts atop deep water through a wide expanse. Far from peaceful nights at when the owls had grown still. Bluejackets rise before dawn, readying for their turn, standing by for orders for endeavors of the new day. Before long, the sun shall show bright through the casements of the skipper's cabin while those at their turn, top side, are at their office. The coming nautical day bids elation to the shipmates' hearts with desires of a glorious new day at sea while the seamen are vigilant. They are filled with dreams spurned on by the rolling waves. Skuddlebut, now begins to murmur, it is a reticent prate, wise with know-how. Their souls are imbued with the quiet peacefulness of the love of the sea.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Skuddlebut is gosspi in eaman's terms.

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