Roland Barthes

Of Back-pattings








Of Back-pattings



If guises were smiles,

Your friends are back-patting you.

Profaning a tomb—

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Reedited on 01.15.2020:

After my previous edit, I could not help noticing the missing "," (comma) that should have been typed in during the last edition (in this section of the Author's Notes/Comments).  It is especially true when one had never been more eager to correct his own intentionality that may not always be directly reflected upon what one inputs or lays down (online, in writing, or in these currently presented forms).  But I simply had to, just to clarify those thoughts.  Thank you for reading on!

Kindly please see the unedited part of the text below.

Unedited (& retained) version of the erroneous part/section (from the last edit):


"(in between 'below' & 'which' which"

Reedited on 01.13.2020:  

I went over the Author's Notes/Comments (once again) just to check any inconsistencies regarding my sentence constructions (from the last update), in relation to my real intentions (versus my oblique intentions, etc.) & to see if any subconscious errors (or other editing mistakes that could've entailed in the process) were committed.  I also have to make sure that it is from my original thoughts versus any other impressions that might be judged wrongfully (or misconstrued) or any other  subliminal/subtle factors that can be derived from it (such as in a computer-mediated communication).  Then I have noticed a missing comma (in between "below" & "which", which I previously missed because of my stream-of-conssciousness writing, which I also wished to correlate, in the first place (e.g., a correlative objective).  It is also a way of relating that thought process empirically/phenomenologically.

Reupdated on 01.10.2020:  

I would just like to concretize the claim below by adding a link to my actual book (i.e. the one mentioned below, which is by Roland Barthes, titled Mythologies).  Yes, I even had posted that for sale a long time ago ( ).  If you could just follow this hyperlink to my old & now-defunct Facebook page that used to sell books (one has to have an account with Facebook), you will be able find my book there that was previously posted (on Sept. of 2010), together with my old books on many subjects.  It is not shelved and just lies around in a tiny nook of my basement apartment.  This is actual proof that I just forgot its title, and I really have it since.  Thanks for the commentary, anyway.

Reedited on 01.05.2020:

I have supplanted "which is Mythology" rather for "i.e. Mythologies" (see below) to correct my recollection of it, the actual book by Barthes which I have & which is the only one that I have of his written ideas.  Please kindly consider this emendation that I did to better clarify those recollections & to give one an idea of the decade-long span when he did Mythologies (1957) & "La mort de l'ateur" (1967).  I apologize for this error in recounting the title of the book.  

Reupdated on 01.04.2020

I have reedited a possible misconstructed/mistyped term/word that do not conform to proper English Grammar rules, i.e., "one of his book" (upon double-checking my notes/comments).  I, therefore, supplanted the word "book" for "books".  Below is the reedited form.

Reupdated on 01.02.2020:



I simply have added the hashtag #La mort de l'auteur, due to the actual sense of this poem (something that I'm also driving at, but did not quite understand it first).  I have not read a lot about Roland Barthes because I only have one of his books (i.e. Mythologies).  So I am so thankful for a person who have shared that piece of information publicly.  Especially, to note that, although I previously do not pay much attention to any particular author, what he have said about writers is deeply compelling & apt (at least, in many cases).  Thank you for reading on.

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