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Money Talks

Some things to consider...
When is the fine line between "Terrorist" and "Revolutionary" crossed?
* When the leader of the opposition declares it and the Revolutionaries begin to organize?
"Viva la revolución!"
* When a formal declaration of revolt has been signed?
Signing a Declaration of Independence after battles of revolt have began.
* When a group from the opposition first pulls the trigger?
"The shot heard round the word"
* When each individual person thinks it has been crossed in that person's mind?
(I won't give any non-violent examples)
I might also suggest that "Revolutionaries" remain "Terrorists" to those who oppose them, especially when terrorism tactics are used.
We still have a Democracy (though it seems more like a "Democrazy" these days), let's use it! Our Revolution MUST begin at the ballot box. The so-called "Liberal" wing of our political system, the Democrats, were reluctant to field a candidate who opposed money in politics. This CANNOT happen again or we're doomed and likely headed to a militant (at the very least "violent") outcome.
The Revolution is not between Left and Right, it's between Rich and Poor and though the Rich have the money, the Poor have the numbers to fight.
The Rich are already attacking us by not providing health care, incarcerating people for profit, and not providing living wages to a huge majority of the population.
The Poor don't want to be rich. No, we despise your wealth. We simply want fairness for everyone. And a small handful of people possessing the vast majority of the wealth in the nation is just not fair, no matter how they achieved their wealth.
See those homeless camps on nearly every corner of the thoroughfare as you drive into the city? It wasn't that way even 15 years ago folks. I'd love to see our homeless actually in homes rather than in camping sites.
Heartless rich people and delusional poor people who still vote Republican, think of each homeless camp you see as a bivouac or military post.
From an outsider who didn't participate in the Occupy Movement a few years back because it didn't seem they had a clear cut message, I see it loud and clear now:
Money talks.
Therefore we must silence it in order to have our voice heard.

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