#quothwescraven #falteringsteadily



      faltering steadily

finding a way

      to break my fall;

   cushion the splat

                  of landing


Quoth Wes Craven, “Nevermore”

              as I descend

                 into the pits

                     of human despair


I sink to the bottom

                 as loved ones crippled

                     by pestilence

     and the rancid stench

             of emotional decay


Victimized by this society

               sick in its ways

          continuing along the path;

                 spirally aimlessly


never to see the light of day

never to feel the warmth of sun

never to hear the song of birds

never to taste the fruits of Eden

never to smell the fragrant roses

never to know the love of you


           listlessly dropping

                like a rock

     a plane crashing in mountains

seeking a padding to land

                parachute non-extant


keep searching for answers

               in this descent

           I seek approval

                  & salvation


“Nevermore” quoth Wes Craven

               but no easy appeasement

                       is available

            for the flight

                 into human revelations



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