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Because He's a Prince, and You're Just a Boy

Through Their Eyes

He moved on.

He moved on and you can’t find it in yourself to blame him.

He moved on from your indecisiveness-

“I like you, but I like her-“

You rattled on, always always making stupid comparisons.

He wasn’t even the first one.

There were others who also managed to catch your eye.

Your eye for detail was what made you weak.

But it was one of things that he loved about you.

In the end, you never picked anyone.

Not him.

Especially him.

You couldn’t.

You believed they all deserved much better.

You thought you’ll be okay the way things were.

Just being friends was fine.

And things were quiet for awhile.

Funny how things work, you know?

One moment you don’t feel it,

The next thing, you do.

And it all comes back to you.

And it was him all along.

But you were too late.

He moved on.

He moved on, and you couldn’t find it in yourself to blame him.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

In Prompto's point of view. 


//This is an old one. Made way back in 2017.

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