political and personal freedom.





How free is the individual to express their opinions? Many people worldwide would have occasion to point out this or that country's lack of rights and expression of opinion. So I will begin with the lack of freedom of speech, in the country of Wales I come from.


In Wales they love their speech and language; but many of them would shy away from learning their own native, Welsh language. I argue the political point too, of citizen rights and freedom of thought and speech, in my home country Wales. 

Even as a child I understood; that talking and chatting about  every topic under the Sun: is not a worthwhile evaluation of who the individual is; or their choice of lifestyle - if everybody worldwide are participating in the decission making of what you are allowed to live out and then get to talk about!


To be concise the lack of freedoms and evaluation of citizen makes a person a slave; even if they do not wear chains. If the Independent Welsh Citizen has an opinion about their rights; or greater evaluation of their rights to freedom - they are often commanded, by those who are slaves, "to keep silence and get out the waste of time ways" 

I assume this command of theirs, originating in England and applied to them, makes this their response when speaking of or to a Welsh citizen.


In the past the "slave" populations in Wales and also their self volunteerism in this role in life, to England; ; have been responsible for betraying the Welsh citizen and advising England of their where abouts in order to hunt them down and put to death.  These trends continue today and have resulted in quite a lot of descrimination set against the Welsh citizen.


An option is important to a person: but better to be able to say the indvidual's opinion is about, what they are living out as a free person and taking a hand in the decision making that helps define the person and their choices to help formulate the society they live in. Of course all this is only an opinion, but as opinions go I think this a fair statement of the difference between the slave populace; that insist they are not slaves, and the opinions of myself and other such citizens who care to take an interest in how our communities and countries progress.


This is my opinion and I will not change my mind!!