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I’m kind of like a poetic chameleon;

a leopard that changes its spots

I alternate between sane and insane

cautiously walking a tight rope


Angels sigh heavenly relief

when I calmly face the music

Demons shudder relentlessly

at my coyote yowling


All signs imminent that point

to spontaneous combustion

The savant of Rimbaud drinking

with the crazed Bukowskian ghost


All the while I prance along

with all eternal hopes vanquished

in desperation singing songs

in awkward off off key voice


The lepers follow the tune

The saints cringe in despair

Solitude in a lonely corner

& screaming from a balcony


The drunken con men racing

with the methodical madman

and the undiscovered jewel

is revealed by a prophet


All eyes glance at fallen angel

as the flowers of the Nile

are exploited by linguistics

and sacraments are achieved


Hence the colors are changing

as I pass from day to day

Methodical madman to shy, reticent poet

in singular chameleon motion