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Vaccine Obscene

greetings people how do?

how to write a poem to you

it's about the COVID vaccine

which I still find obscene


read about something today

which caused me much dismay

that the vaccinated are changing state

changing from love to hate

becoming unsociable; shunning friends

of humanity is this the end?


check out the video from a Pharma rep

admitting it's just a grand experiment

and the people are the lab Rats

at least the ones that don't smell a rat


and the bloodbanks dont want your blood

if your vaccinated, your red stuffs a dud

and the head of the IOC,

is kicking off, wanting an enquiry

74k of his athletes dead

all vaccinated and fit as a flea


60k health workers shunning a dose

that should tell you something you know

that the whole thing is dodgy as hell

it's never about getting the people well


it's a cull of immense proportions

COVID Vaccines need an abortion

now they want to vaccinate the pregnant

kids too; just wouldnt happen

without puppet presidents.


when the truth comes out, and it will

that the cabal are playing everybody 2 kill

80% of the population today

any wonder that I am dismayed?


Pharma companies , may be exempt

from legal action, not heaven sent

government's perpetuating these lies

certainly not as the truth does rise


every lockdown country on Earth

going to go broke when the legals unfurl

the biggest class action in history

coming to a town or city near you and me


but the future is bright anyways

this certainly isn't the end of days

It's A New Beginning for all

peace, truth, love,and having a ball


our cosmic creators are master geneticists

and we will have to rely on them to fix it

the cabal, tried to turn us all into robots

but news 4u they've had their lot


why am I so confident you ask?

in a bright future and a peace to last

that's the bonus of being a channel

I see the truth, I see through the flannel


I also know that the cosmics are above

soon to say hello,spread truth and love

so keep positive,and don't take the vaccine

cos it's a sleight of hand trick by the elite


designed to kill 80% of the population

and to hamstring financially every nation

further reliance on the banking families

yet more debt for the world: Follow the money.


The system is a paper tiger anyway

As we look forward to brighter days

But paper is highly flammable

And the bonus is there is no hell

Bubbles all burst too

Under the weight of truth

And amazing times ahead

For me and you. 




Author's Notes/Comments: 

Channelled poem via the galactic central sun