He was standing in a silent, peaceful protest.

His wish…for everyone to be free.

when he found himself locked arm in arm

with a man much older than he.


They stood together…in protest

Their shared wish…for everyone to be free.

Hoping this demonstration would help restore

some of their country’s character and dignity.


When the demonstration was over

their peaceful message having been sent

the younger man looked to the older man

and shared this compliment.


“It’s wonderful that you were here,” he said.

“to help our peaceful message spread”.

The old man smiled…then chuckled to himself

“I had no choice.” he said.


“I was content to stay home.

to ignore the injustices…

to stay mum…

Until my ancestors came and reminded me

of all the reasons I had to come.”


“My ancestors reminded me I don’t do this for myself

but for all my ancestors who will outlive me…

And if I didn’t do this…my ancestors told me 

then my ancestors would never forgive me.”


There is a reason we protest injustices

There is a reason not to stay mum:

For all our ancestors who have come before us

and our ancestors still to come. 


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