or death can tell me his name.


My sister who is mud, and her friends and her friends father who are cement only mud and like a sun that

is not even here they sent the Yathrib family years only stay here and say I like this but it is so hard

when there too it was so hard, so we talked to the mud people many many times and that are the

the being that are not light, please when you mention Iblis it is a God things that your confusing with us

I say mud people and The Hawa and Adan story, whether myth, or real, or Kabbala, then it the mud cabbala

they say the cross is the beauty of my father knew when he recognized his own servant and wife, Hargar, maybe or Sahreh maybe

that his wife though maybe not that I can have a child at his maid house nor is my husband man of insight so I will pay the maid and when she in the oasis

I will let them the children are hers, and my father, not from Canaan will not say to me about the silver that I must give to them to be freed of life of they call a decent life, but only the command that I am barely a live from a man who know one knows.


The people of Canaan were trying to build the tents and the other people were talking about their boys being circumsed at 13, if by 8 the people don't circumcise them by that age. Then the Canaan people will flee to Eziekiel and Isaac will also be in Noah and the Ark. The Covenant people will also say they are the Messiah believers and Mekha will say that they are Last Prophet people. This oil that you find every day is mine. I am Bilaal. 


Mus, Moses in the books of their ancesters all the same names: "People of the Book" and they cheat the test of their women so their woman, good, bad and mud, cement do not do know about their fight, wars, and tent in deserts and tents in Arabia ( Yithrib) was my father, or Saba, Allah, or the Cross!!! The Pilgrimage of the Cavalier. A Calvinist who is a Christian who know nothing about Pastors or Shephards: my father school is the Church where I grew Up. My Professor said it is ok if you lie about people as long as they do not catch you lying about a system that is bad and cruel for some but illusionnary for us.


Fatima: was a child that in a time of progression, for the uptheenth time I am progressing from all the world and people say this world is divided into three worlds and I say: Fatime it is divided into 5 worlds. What about the other world that is Gods World. Fatima is little girl who does not her mother's worth, her mother, Asha died when she was 12 years old. Then she had to learn a lot of books of the English kind and now her Sheikha and Sultana people that she in her councils are very angry that her daughter is pregnant and he is a Billaal brother in the Book.


"Dialogue": The Councils lied to Fatima, and her adopted Son Adan 'We wanted to help you with the land and the house/s and all the things you have done for this earth, your daughters and sons ( "The Four Roman walls":the four of them plus Adan) and your adopted Son ( Ekziekel) foretold before the coundown to hell of the people who spit on Bilaal's family. My family say ( Fatima) I am young and her daughetr Dali says Hirsch is almost gone to the earth of the poor to tell them that countdown was very slow and then it stops.


Rachel and Leah: the Father who gave their hand to the same man: and brutally forced him to 7 years/ 7 years/ 7 years married one, and the other was mad and left her father knowing his time a time of greed.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Please know these are religious stories about the "people of the book" when or if you use this novella/Zotazoris?/ in certain countries it is sacriligious.Please know that scriptures are what people do every day to get their life, world, lives in order so please do not use any of this reading the scriptures talked about here. Unless you know and have read and can "illicit"? the meaning of the "books" talked here in these stories. The Last and The judgment day are not in the same: in some scriptures. The modern world, the ancient world and "other" world? are also "different".