#open #frank #ramifications




. . .that was the first time she was completely open and frank with me.  All the walls were down.  I detected it early on in the conversation.  I was thinking to myself, “Hmmm, this is different but I’m liking it.” It sent a shiver down my spine and a cool breeze gently caresses my arm.  I feel myself tremble as I think about what could be.  And a clarity seemed to nestle in my mind.  My thoughts continued to ruminate on all the ramifications of the moment.  I think we all the inevitable tragic ending but wouldn’t it be grand to buck the trend?  Would it be a noble endeavor to take on the world and alter destiny?  Surely, an audacious act I wish to execute.  I need more practice in the fine art of seduction with a kind word and steamy after-quip.  I never seem to close the deal properly. . .

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