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Why do the Finnish players choose Casinova?

This story has happened recently and aroused interest among the Finnish players


I met a great man named Timo just a year and a half ago. He lives in the capital of Finland, in Helsinki. Timo has got three children: two boys and a baby daughter. He is a calm and hardworking man who loves honesty, decency and true friendship. Timo works as a manager in a small company which develops software for smartphones. According to his words, he had been working  so for 20 years. Timo started at the bottom and worked his way up.


As it turned out, Timo has long been a constant reader of a news resource with reviews of online casinos (Casinova.Org).He shares his opinions at Casinova.Org, and also he does not mind to gamble with a couple of hundred euros in the casino. Of course, Timo plays wisely and he is always ready to stop if the game begins to gather pace. According to his words and stories, I realized that he plays for pleasure. But the World Statistics says that the Swedish, the Finnish, Norwegians and Russians are reckless players and they are ready to place any bets in order to increase their deposits.


We talked for a long time. We found a lot of common interests and consulted each other on many little things related to gambling.  Sometimes we called up on Skype and drank vodka. Yeah, you heard it correctly, we drank vodka together through a video link gambling in an online casino.


Then, there was a call.... His voice was loud and excited. To be honest, I have never heard Timo shouting so much into the phone.


He was always calm and sober-minded in any situation. It was hard to accept such a behavior. A few minutes later, he became calm and said that he won a huge amount of money in a casino for the first time. He won about 90,000 euros. I got used to such sums and they were as a habitual income for me. But for him those sums of money were a lucky ticket to solve all of his family issues. Later I found out that he withdrew every single euro and ended up with the casino. I am very happy for him because you should hear those emotions. In conclusion, he is still my friend and he helps me to write the difficult articles. I think, that win did not put a hex on him but showed him the right way and in time solved his problems with gambling!


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Top 5 Online Betting Site

At whatever point you are considering something daring and crazy; betting might be your venturing stone. Online betting sites make it simpler to get amusement. 


Online Betting Site

As the internet is stepping through our age, online platforms for various intentions are at our hands. We can generally do all our stuff nowadays totally online. And something just like this is online-based betting locales. Online betting is the most useful method for doing wagering in a hurry. Online betting sites provide all the betting sites in a platform. All the betting games- whatever that is generic or somewhat unique- you will find it there. It depends upon the platform you choose and the player-base with whom it is connected. Depending on the number of players and the collection of the betting games- is better among them. 


You will get a complete betting encyclopedia here. Over 1000 games from different game providers are playable here. Developers like NetEnt, Micro Gaming, and the other popular franchise are to be found here. The top 5 betting site among them is followed by:



Casoola is an online casino with 200 free spins. With a spectacular welcome offer and bonus packages of up to 1500 euros is the best part of Casoola. Not only the spins, but they also have video slot games, live casino games, scratch cards, and many more. Another amusing fact is these games can be playable from both desktops and mobiles. Though it has a complete list of restricted countries, it has decent bonus packages and promotional offers. The deposit and withdrawal method are also rich. 



Since its arrival in 2012, the game has achieved over 15 awards, regarding the innovation and the pattern it gave to the betting platform. With the secured Touch ID functionality, the security can be controlled with the tip of your finger. With HD quality and exceptional playing style, the game is pretty perfect in number two.


Casino Gods

The number three is the Casino Gods. Among the other traditional betting games, the game has Jackpot slots section. With a huge bonus, jackpot slots are even bigger. And you will be welcomed by Westeros, the God of the bonus. The god will spare mercies with a 50% match on your second deposit, and the matchup will continue periodically over the deposit run. But this welcome offer may vary depending on your country. As an example, UK players will have more benefits among others.



Sloty is mainly the slot game. It has over 1200 slot games from a range of suppliers. They give free spin at a rate of 20 per day. Though the free spins are valid for 72 hours, it has a huge round-up of currencies for the players all over the globe. With very good customer support and a strong casino license, Sloty is the fourth one of the lists.



The last but not the least is our number five contender, Spinit. It has over 1300 games available both on desktops and mobiles. Overall, the currencies and the regulation of safety and security of the game provider is pretty enriched.



Go Gamblingo, go gamble with the best of the sites on your own.

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Cara Mempertahankan Kemenangan Judi Online

Bermaian judi online memang hal yang biasa untuk mendapatkan kemenangan dan kekalahan. Tetapi yang perlu anda perhatikan adalah, biarpun anda mendapatkan kekalahan tetapi kemenangan anda harus lebih banyak sehingga anda tetap profit.


Jangan terlalu rakus saat mendapatkan kemenangan besar, dan anda meningkatkan jumlah taruhan dan bermain terus menerus hingga ahirnya kemenangan anda sirna karena nafsu anda sendiri. Buatlah target kemenangan yang wajar dan jangan bernafsu untuk mendaptkan kemenangan besar dengan modal yang sangat kecil.


Memang apapun bisa terjadi dalam permainan judi. Anda bisa mendapatkan kemenangan besar dengan modal kecil tetapi prosentase untuk mendapatkan hal tersebut sangat kecil. Dalam permainan judi, tingkat prosentase besarlah yang akan membuat anda menang,


Oleh karena itu, jika anda sudah menang banyak atau mendaptkan jackpot besar maka sebaiknya anda melakukan hal-hal berikut sehingga kemenangan anda tidak sirna karena kekalahan yang anda alami


Cara mempertahankan kemenangan pada Judi Online

  • Berhentilah bermain saat anda sudah mendaptkan jackpot besar

Saat anda sudah mendaptkan kemenangan besar, lebih baik anda berhenti bermain dan tariklah uang anda. anda bisa melakukan withdraw dan sisakan sedikit saldo untuk bermain esok hari.


Kebanyakan pemain akan bernafsu untuk meningkatkan jumlah taruhan saat saldo mereka banyak. Dan saat sadar bahwa saldonya semakin menipis maka emosinya naik dan bermain secara asal-asalan. Ini sangat berbahaya dan sangat riskan untuk hilangnya penghasilan anda dari kemenangan besar yang baru saja anda dapatkan.


  • Melakukan restart modal setiap hari

Lakukan restart modal setiap hari. Jika anda akan bermain sehari 1 juta rupaih. Maka selalu mainkan sejumlah uang tersebut. Jika anda menang segera tarik dan mulai lagi di hari berikutnya dengan modal 1 juta rupiah lagi. Jika anda ternyata kalah dan saldo anda habis maka berhentilah dan bermain besok lagi dengan modal 1 juta lagi.


Jangan menambah jumlah saldo harian anda. lebih baik tunggu hari berikutnya agar anda memiliki management keuangan yang baik


  • Jangan bermain dengan nafsu

Jika anda sukse melakukan poin ke-2 dan ke-3 seharusnya anda sudah bisa menekan nafsu anda dan bermain dengan menggunakan kepala dingin. Harap dicatat bahwa ketika anda bermain dengan nafsu dan amarah maka resiko kekalahan anda akan naik tajam dan prosentase kemenangan anda akan turun secara drastis.


Bermain menggunakan nafsu dan amarah adalah cara menjemput kekalahan. Jadi jangan lakukan itu.


Selain 3 hal itu, sebaiknya anda bermain di karena sudah terbukti terpercaya dan memiliki koleksi permainan yang sangat lengkap. Jangan salah pilih situs judi online, karena banyak situs judi online yang memiliki tingkat kemenangan rendah sehingga anda sebaiknya bermain di coduca88 karean tingkat kemenangannya tinggi.



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Online casino increases the unemployment rate

Have you ever think about it that online casinos increase the unemployment rate? If not then this is the article for you. This is time for you to think about it and be careful and make other careful about it.


In this article, I am going to tell you and at the same time try to explain how online casinos and unemployment rate are related. What you need to do is to read the article until the end and after reading the article, you will understand how these two are related. So without further talk, let’s get started.


How online casino increases the unemployment rate

Just think about it. All of the young people of your country are playing gambling in those virtual gambling sites. What will happen? People will not feel any interest to go for work at all. And that is very normal. When you can make money by sitting at home, why will you go outside for work, right? And maybe you are thinking that if they can earn money, how it increases the unemployment rate, right?


Well, when they play, most of them cannot win. One of the main reasons why they cannot win is the scam. Most of the online casinos are full of scam. Another reason is that all the casinos are full of experts. If you see pin-up site, you will find out so many good games for you, but unfortunately, there is a low chance that you will win because there are a lot of expert gamers. That means when you will play, you will lose for sure. And when you will lose, all of your money will go to other countries and in return, you will get nothing at all. This is how it will increase the unemployment rate.


Other than that, when there is a land-based casino, there are so many people who need to work for the casino. But when it comes to the virtual casino, there need no people to maintain at all. That means the unemployment rate increases for sure. Along with that, when there is a land-based casino, people come from a different country or different location. As a result, the hotel, restaurant, and resort business increase the unemployment rate decreases. But when it is an internet-based casino, there is no hotel, restaurant or resort.


What should you do now?

As you can see, these casinos increase the unemployment rate, you need to come forward along with the government. You should make people aware of this so that they do not get involved in these rubbish things. Try to show them religious evidence so that they do not go for it. Also, show them the government rules and regulations to prevent him from going there. Along with that, you can keep your friends and family away from it and spend some real quality time with them so that they do not have to go there. Best of luck to you.


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