When you first walk into a cemetery you are quiet…you hold your breath

you are solemn and respectful…surrounded there by death.


You read the dates of their births and deaths and wonder about the life they led.

the beginning and the ending of one unbroken thread.


You quickly notice how some threads have stretched for many a moon.

while other threads were not as fortunate…ending much too soon.


One old and weather headstone immediately caught our gaze.

She was a baby…someones daughter…her thread stretching but two days.


We wondered what could have happened…we were shaken and perplexed

that a family could feel so much joy one day 

and so much sorrow on the next.


In the midst of our curiosity…just outside the cemetery lawn

we noticed looking in at us…a newborn baby fawn.


She stood only for a moment…her smile brightened our day

then she turned around, and with her head held high…quietly walked away.


I like to try and find some meaning in every moment of every day

which made me wonder what that particular moment was attempting, then, to say.


Perhaps how it is good to visit death…to remember those we’ve loved and lost

to think if even briefly of other’s paths we’ve crossed… 


Perhaps how life is fleeting…how one minute we’re here and then we’re gone

Perhaps how as individuals we die, but life, itself goes on… 


Perhaps to realize how so many lives to so many mean so much

to stop and think how many lives a single life can touch.. 


Perhaps how every life is important…how every life our spirits raise

even if that happiness only last a couple days.


Perhaps to live each moment as a baby girl and fawn intended


with our head held high until that moment when our thread is ended.

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