I’m not sure how one explains old age…I’m not sure what rules apply.

At the funeral when my Grandma died…I remember how they tried…


I heard them say how she was a friend to many

A mother…a grandmother…a wife…

How she was fortunate as people go

to have lived a long and wonderful life.


But when I think about the time back then, for I was only 10 you see

with those things they all were saying…I could not totally agree.


Sure she might have had some wrinkles but I didn’t think of them back then

I never thought how old she was…I just figured…she was 10.


I guess this age thing has to do with the way our lives overlap…

how we all have our own techniques…and methods to adapt.


Grandma knew me my first 10 years of life…before the time she passed

While the 10 years that I knew her happened to be her last.


But she read the books I liked to read, she played the games I liked to play

She ran and jumped and climbed with me, she was 10 if she was a day.


In the Spring we’d plant a garden…a secret garden that was ours

In the Summer we’d go swimming or sit under the stars


She liked to take long walks with me…show me things I did not know

She helped me gather leaves in Fall…and build forts in the snow.


So was she old…my Grandma?

as I now search my memory..

to many it might have looked that way


but she was never old to me.

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