nightly routines

My New Nightly Routine


I close my eyes,
while I lay in my bed,
every night.

It's become a new
routine for me,
one that I do
at bedtime each night.

After getting my medicine
to counter my ADHD meds,
and after doing my teeth,
I get my pjs on,
and climb into my bed.

I close my eyes,
and only have to think your name,
and I see a girl.
She's about my height,
and about my size.

She has blond hair,
and has hazel eyes
that tend to change colors.

I see all this,
but I cannot see
what her face looks like.
Where her facial features are,
All I see is a mask.

We walk around,
in the night,
candles that are floating around us.
The sky always lit up with millions of stars,
with the moon full and bright.

I have other things, though,
that I know about this girl.

She's is quite random,
saying lots of random things,
like telling me,
out of no where,
how she likes starburst.

How she also loves skittles and twizlers,
chocolate and tootsie roll pops.
Cherry flavoured tootsie roll pops.

She tells me that she
loves being with girls,
and how she treats them
like they are goddesses.
She tells me that to her,
they are goddesses.

I know that if I ask
her a question,
she'll answer me,
as she doesn't
hide from questions.

After we are tired of walking,
we climb up onto a rooftop,
and we dance.
Pressed up against each other,
arms around one anouther,
no space inbetween us.

We continue talking,
and I learn that
we are so similar.

She loves music,
and it takes her away
from everything,
at least for a little while.

We both love reading.
She loves cooking.
We both love writting,
both love hanging out
with our friends,
and going on long walks outside.

She loves drinking sweet coffee and hot tea,
along with monsters, the drink.
We both love candles,
and the warm sunny days,
along with the rainy days.

Now, there are probably
more things that we have in common,
but I don't want to just go on and on.

Even in my dreams,
I can feel the excitement
that is flowing
through my body.
I can feel the touch of her
on my bare skin.

I am not aware of anything around me,
that is out of my dreams,
now that I've fallen asleep,
with just this girl
on my mind.

I can only hope
that someday,
we might be able to
make some of this dream
come true.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem about a special someone, I hope they can figure out who I am talking about. ;)
Please comment and let me know what you think!

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