We begin life in a loving family, where we’re given our own name

and though we are all different, we are treated...all the same.


Then we begin to play with other children and we see we’re not the same

and as children do before their taught…we call each other names.


Names like fatty, ugly, four eyes...are some of the insults that we blurt.

Names that make us feel superior...

names that injure…

names that hurt.


This is an accepted fact of life; it’s sad but it is true,

and, if we’re lucky, we are quickly taught, this is not what children do!


With this lesson in hand we grow up to see the splendor in all names

and though we still see differences…we treat everyone the same.


But some adults have forgotten this lesson; 

they don’t treat each other the same

They only see the differences…

they still call each other names.


This again is a fact of life, and again it’s sad but true.

Perhaps some adults need be reminded:

Your children are watching...


and told that’s not what grown-ups do!