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Quiet Calamity


I can't quiet the calamity in my heart

It streaks through the chaos like a star

Every shimmering glimpse of what could have been

Haunts my dreams and extends to my day's end


I hear the whisper of your voice when they speak

I can't stop feeling the caresses on my cheek

This plane of existence that's no longer real

Keeps me living in the surreal


Maybe if I whisper your name like a lost memory

It'll take root like an evergreen

Plant it within the forest of my mind

And watch the chaos burn it down with ire


If my dreams were the truth

Then reality isn't my friend

Because the sunshine couldn't be real

If you're not smiling at me again


So I'll sit here waiting while I play our old song

And continue to daydream until you come home

And maybe the quiet tide rising within myself

Won't spill over like waterfalls

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'll probably need to change some of this but for now, this is what I have.

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