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Pink Pussy ( Albatross)

Pink Pussy ( Albatross)

it starts as a baby alone
then in no time it will roam
searching for little minnows in its beak
hunting and gathering
in time spreading its wings
taking flight at night to a distant land
let me be the first to help you understand
beautiful in it's colorization
a break on a vacation
flying ever higher then ever before

there a love does know
how long of the flight of the Albatross
this is no tragic loss
drifting along the ocean shore flow
lest i implore another opened door
a loving bird as if you haven't heard
higher and higher straight up will fly
watch the Albatross soaring to ever new heights.
forget the night and the day is far spent
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Man on the moon

Man On the Moon


it took some time

for the man on the moon

as if a love brought to swing

race through each pillar song

we know each other when we were young

the freedom bell swing

a miracle corner in my room

far reaching the earthly swell


live life as it was your last

no one gets by on any free pass

through love and tomatoes

a scale to last...




That crystal clear moment,

that moment

when I pause;

I recognize

the moment of clarity

and come to the simple

yet absolute conclusion

that you are totally

full of shit!


That still remains

the saddest moment

of my life

As yet,

I haven’t fully recovered.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

Can't remember who I wrote this one about.  It's a shame because bullshit artists are good to have on standby.

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