#mayhem #monsters #trauma #evil #strength

The Blob

The demonic spiral

coils around

the world


The serpent,

spews his venom

into the minds of others


Bad things,

subilminally transferred

into the subconscious


Mutating the issues

already there,

birthing the monstrosity


Rise from pit of slime,

blob of hate,

formless horror


Carving open the skulls,

it sucks out the brains,

assimilating the knowledge


Growing bigger and bigger,

swirming across the surface,

unstoppable force of hell. 


No rhyme or reason

to its violence,

destruction of everything in its wake


Spiral of the beast,

formless knowledge,

insanity of negativity


Assimilating the fears,

the pain; delighting

in the suffering


Growing bigger and bigger,


A giant Blob






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